Online services

In order to optimise customer relations, Studio Proia always uses the most advanced technology available on the market. Currently, its online services, which permit assistance to clients even when they are not present in Studio Proia's offices, are:  

  DOCUMENTS TRANSMISSION Studio Proia issues all documentation in PDF format and sends it either:
  • by e-mail, protected by a password selected by Clients;
  • by publication on its website, with automatic notification to Clients. Clients are given passwords so that they may access their documentation at any time, since there is an archive available to them.
  PREPARATION OF ATTENDANCE CALENDARS Daily attendance hours, which are necessary for payroll processing and must also be compulsorily reported in Personnel Payroll Ledgers, can be prepared by telematic means by client companies, using a procedure which permits automatic loading of all monthly employee data. This can be done because the working hours profile of each employee, as well as midweek holidays, are included in the Studio Proia database. Companies then only have to make changes for days with either more or less hours worked than standard; in these cases they must highlight the reasons for absence, which are chosen from an appropriate list which appears on the screen. The programme provides other functions to assist clients; amongst these there is the automatic loading of absence periods for all employees or groups of employees (e.g. collective holidays, strikes or business closure for other reasons).      ONLINE PAYSLIP If requested by clients, Studio Proia can publish the monthly payslip of each collaborator on the website Collaborators are informed by an automatic e-mail. From that moment they can access, visualise and print their documents at any time of the day, or even on a later date, using their personal usernames and passwords. To avoid correspondence between collaborators and Studio Proia, messages are sent anonymously. This service is greatly appreciated by clients, because they do not have to print and distribute monthly payslips. Also, they do not have to carry out all the requirements of privacy regulations.