Studio Proia administers the employees since 1965   It was founded by the Labor Consultant Renato Proia in 1965 and taken over, after his death, by his eldest son Armando Proia, who now works in cooperation with his son Alessandro Proia.
Always uses specialised staff and the most advanced technologies. It has never expanded beyond a certain size, in order to ensure rapid, precise, and personalised assistance to its customers as far as possible.   Does not provide tax assistance to companies or self-employed workers, leaving this task to firms of Auditors and Accountants; it interacts with these on behalf of clients, in order to relieve them of this task by acting as an intermediary in transmitting personnel related accounts data.   In addition to processing salaries and fulfilling the related administrative duties, the firm offers companies expert advice on how to optimise the economic and legal aspects of their employment contracts, from the moment they are established, while they are in progress, until they are terminated.   Represents employers in their own premises during inspection visits, in the settlement of disputes with employees’ Trade Unions, and at Government offices for applications for authorisations or the resolution of disputes.   VAT number 02058190154