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Employees who have other income in addition to their normal salaries, or who have incurred tax deductible expenses, may regularize their tax position by submitting an annual tax return called "modello 730", except for particular cases.

The advantage, compared to the "modello unico", is that it allows immediate repayment of any tax you are due, or to pay the balances of tax which is owed directly in the payslip; this is the responsibility of the employer.     

The office, in collaboration with authorised tax assistance centres, provides an annual processing service for modello 730 forms, including the collection of the necessary data and documents directly from companies, so that employees do not have to go to external offices.


Law number 675 of December the 31th 1996, and subsequent amendments, lays down strict regulations regarding privacy.

The Studio Proia practice implements all necessary data processing operations relating to client companies personnel, and in particular:

  • files all documentation received from and sent to companies for at least 5 years;
  • uses a technologically advanced “firewall” to filter all incoming and outgoing data communications;
  • protects its internal server, as well as all personal computers linked to it, using constantly updated antivirus software;
  • every 24 hours, it carries out three back-ups of computer hard drives, using three different techniques: real-time mirror back-ups; transfer to DVDs during lunch breaks; night-time web based back-up;
  • trains its collaborators on privacy regulations and allows them to create personal passwords to access their own personal computers.  

Furthermore, Studio Proia provides an "online payslip" service, which is shown on the "online client services" page.

If requested by companies, Studio Proia provides assistance on matters relating to privacy, including matters which are not personnel related, using Employment Consultants it has established agreements with.


Studio Proia practice provides assistance regarding INPS pensions in their various forms (old age, seniority, survivors, invalidity etc) exclusively for proprietors, employees and collaborators of client companies. In particular, it does the following:


  • evaluation of pension statements and the determination of starting dates for pension payments;
  • calculation of the cost of surrender values, and advice on the convenience of the same;
  • carrying out of standard, medium and highly complex pension evaluations;
  • determination of the possibility of voluntary contribution payments and combining contributions paid to other entities, including the assessment of related costs;
  • assistance to applicants in preparing pension applications.   



Studio Proia, in cooperation with occupational health practices, provides workplace safety consultancy through the following:

  • initial and periodic medical visits, issuing of duty's fitness certificates;
  • workplace inspections, including employees equipment verification;
  • drafting and updating of "risk evaluation” documents;
  • asic training for workers on safe working practices.